Bank Islam, established in 1983, is Malaysia’s maiden Shariah-based institution. Since its inception, it has emerged as the symbol of Islamic banking in Malaysia and its vision to be “A Global Leader in Islamic Banking” illustrates the Bank’s status as the flag bearer of the country’s financial services industry (“the industry”).

Bank Islam has been growing from strength to strength as evidenced by its financial performance and paid-up capital, which, in turn, was instrumental in making the growth of its assets. Throughout the year, Bank Islam has been embarking on a number of expansion programmes with its involvement in, among others, notable transaction in Sukuk and Corporate Mandates. Living up to its pioneering spirit, the Bank has continued to provide innovative and enhanced products and services which has resulted in a growing number of customers seeing Islamic banking as a true alternative to conventional banking. This growing list of clienteles in addition to truly groundbreaking and quality banking solutions have been recognised by the global industry which is reflected by the Bank's position as one of the top banks in the country.

Through a vast expanding network of 133 branches and more than 1200 self-service terminals nationwide, Bank Islam parades a comprehensive list of more than 70 innovative and sophisticated Islamic banking products and services, comparable to those offered by its conventional counterparts.

From the traditional financing, savings and investment types of products exclusively for individual customers during the early years of establishment, the range of Bank Islam’s Shariah-based financial products, services and business solutions has significantly expanded to cater to the fast-changing financial needs of customers from all categories including those related to micro financing, wealth management, capital market, treasury and structured products.

Being the pioneer in the industry, Bank Islam has played a leading role in promoting the expansion of Malaysia’s brand of Islamic finance into other markets, especially in the region. This has helped developed Bank Islam into a well-established and universally recognised brand. As the number of local and global financial services continues to increase, Bank Islam remains keenly aware of the pioneering role it must continue to play.

In recognition of its pioneering role, Bank Islam has been awarded the Reader’s Digest Platinum Award for being the Most Trusted Brand for five consecutive years. The Bank’s growing list of accolades now includes the title “Islamic Bank of the Year (Malaysia) 2013" by The Banker. With these entrusted beliefs, Bank Islam is on the right path to become “A Global Leader in Islamic Banking” and continues to remain guided by the excellent pioneering work of its predecessors, Malaysia’s ambition to be the international Islamic financial hub, the success of its turnaround effort and the challenge from its competitors.


Fund Closing Date NAV Prospectus Product Highlights Sheets Fact Sheets
BIMB - Arabesque Asia Pacific Shariah - ESG Equity - MYR 23/02/2021 0.2433
BIMB - Arabesque i Global Dividend 1 - MYR 23/02/2021 0.5223
BIMB - Arabesque i Global Dividend 1 - USD 23/02/2021 0.5589
BIMB - Arabesque Malaysia Shariah - ESG Equity 23/02/2021 0.3130
BIMB Dana Al-Falah 24/02/2021 0.3360
BIMB Dana Al-Munsif 24/02/2021 0.4180
BIMB ESG Sukuk Fund - Class A - MYR 23/02/2021 0.2528
BIMB i Flexi Fund 24/02/2021 0.3745
BIMB i Growth Fund 24/02/2021 0.5561
BIMB i Tactical Fund 23/02/2021 0.1167
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