Fund Closing Date NAV Prospectus Product Highlights Sheets Fact Sheets Annual Report Interim Report
Phillip AsiaPac Income Fund 01/12/2021 0.5588
Phillip Dana Aman 02/12/2021 0.3491
Phillip Dana Dividen 01/12/2021 0.4712
Phillip Dana Murni 02/12/2021 0.5442
Phillip Dividend Fund 02/12/2021 0.3704
Phillip Dynamic AsiaPac Fund** 30/09/2021 0.0000
Phillip Focus China Fund 01/12/2021 0.3313
Phillip Global Agriculture, Infrastructure & Resources Fund** 30/09/2021 0.0000
Phillip Global Disruptive Innovation Fund-MYR Hedged 01/12/2021 1.6694
Phillip Global Stars Fund 01/12/2021 0.4294
Phillip Income Fund** 30/09/2021 0.0000
Phillip Master Equity Growth Fund 02/12/2021 1.4811
Phillip Master Islamic Cash Fund 02/12/2021 1.0000
Phillip Master Money Market Fund 02/12/2021 0.5000
Phillip Pearl Fund 02/12/2021 0.5421
Phillip Premier Fund** 30/09/2021 0.0000
Phillip Recovery Fund 02/12/2021 0.3378
Phillip SELECT Balance Fund 02/12/2021 0.4539
Phillip SELECT Income Fund** 30/09/2021 0.0000
Warning Statement!
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Please consider the fees and charges involved before investing. The price of units and distributions payable, if any, may rise or fall and past performance of the Funds is not indicative of its future performance. Any issue of units to which the Master Prospectus relates will only be made on receipt of the Application Form referred to in and accompanying the Master Prospectus and subject to terms and conditions therein. You are also advised to read and understand the contents of the Unit Trust Loan Financing Risk Disclosure Statement before deciding to borrow to purchase units.