Regular Savings Plan

For most of us, the two major financial concerns in life are funding our children’s tertiary education and our own retirement. Planning for these two very important financial goals should start as early as possible because the sum of money can be astoundingly large.

How do you save the large amount of money? It begins with taking the first step to spend less than you earn and investing the rest through a Regular Savings Plan.

The Regular Savings Plan helps you make the most out of market highs and lows; by practising a disciplined regular investment contribution, you will be able to buy more units when the price is low and fewer when price is high.

Investors are advised to read and understand the contents of the Master Prospectus dated 18 June 2013 and the respective Product Highlights Sheet(s), obtainable at our offices, before investing. The Master Prospectus has been registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia who takes no responsibility for its contents. Investors should also consider the fees and charges involved. The price of units and distribution, if any, may go down as well as up. Past performance of the Funds is no indication of the Funds’ future performances. Units will only be issued on receipt of the application form accompanying the Master Prospectus

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